Elaine Lucia, Owner/Boss Lady

Creative Content Marketing is the culmination of over 20 years experience in graphic design, copy writing, and marketing.

I’ve been both an entrepreneur and a salaried marketing director, so I’ve seen both sides of the decision-making process that occurs when launching or growing a business.

The questions are always the same:

  1. Which type of marketing tools do we really need?
  2. who on our staff will use them and use them well?
  3. And, most important: will they bring us the results we desire to attain our goals?

The first question – Which marketing tools do we need? – can be overwhelming, as online technologies are expanding and evolving at lightning speed. We are all subjected to information overload these days, so it is one of my jobs to wade through hundreds of new apps, programs, platforms and social media that pop up almost daily and determine which ones have staying power, which ones will truly benefit my clients.

Who in your organization will actually utilize your new marketing tools, and consistently apply them to achieve company goals? Whether you yourself or a member of your staff will be utilizing your marketing plan, the tools must be as simple and easy to use as possible. After all, what good is a tool if it is not used? And so, ease of functionality is the most important element in any WordPress sites, email campaign templates, social media or direct marketing tools I create, set up or maintain for you. And – I love clean, beautiful graphic design. Design and Layout should enhance the functionality, not get in the way. Calls To Action that will bring you closer to your goals  – and how and where they are placed – will always take precedence over pretty pictures.

Which leads us to the last question: Is this actually going to WORK? Will we reach our goals with this Marketing Plan and these tools?

The answer begins with The Plan. Be very very clear about what your exact goals are (actual revenue numbers, or how many new clients you’d like to acquire, or number of new email sign ups, etc.). A Plan can only be developed after you’ve clearly defined your Goals, and those Goals will determine which Marketing Tools will give you the results you desire. I know that all sounds a bit simplistic, but believe me, many entrepreneurs are so busy creating their product that they really don’t stop long enough to formulate their marketing goals.

And that’s where Creative Content Marketing can help. I’ll help you focus your Vision on the end goal, determine which marketing tools will get you there, build and implement them, then train you or your staff on how to use them and quantify your results.

I started over 20 years ago in print and advertising, using an Exacto knife and transparencies to paste up my own layout designs for the display ads I was selling for a Bay Area newspaper group. I became fascinated with Apple computers and quickly learned CorelDraw and PageMaker, the first layout programs. I graduated to Quark and then the Adobe suite, and along the way learned some HTML so I could design websites.

When WordPress was first making headway into Content Management System websites (rather than just a blogging platform) I immediately saw how it could become a fantastic tool that would allow for businesses to take control of their websites and in turn, their marketing.  I started Girl Friday Virtual Marketing in 2005, and soon after began designing WordPress websites. The learning curve was quite steep in those days, as most ‘website designers’ were still building in HTML. It became my mission to show clients how flexible WordPress is, how it can expand as their business grows, and how easily they could learn to manage their website, email campaigns and social media themselve, with my training. Now, eight years later, I build websites only in WordPress, and almost 25% of all websites are WordPress sites!



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